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The Singles & Albums in this Website have been derived from BJS's (PAMRA) List.
(I'm unsure whether BJS kept a diary or he created his List from memory)

BJS's List passes many accuracy tests
(e.g. BJS didn't include Cilla Black's "Step Inside Love")
(Judd Proctor played on this record)
(and BJS claimed he was on early Hits of The Sweet and not the Huge Ones)
(which is true)

BJS's List contained known omissions
(e.g. Peter Sarstedt and The Nashville Teens)
(Brenda Lee - "Is it True ?")
(Hedgehoppers Anonymous - "It's Good News Week")

BJS's List contained a small number of known errors.
BJS made no contribution to :-
(Johnny Leyton - "Johnny Remember Me")
(Herman's Hermits - "I'm Into Something Good")
(Herman's Hermits - "Show Me Girl")
(The Kinks - "You Really Got Me")
(The Kinks - "All Day And All Of The Night")
(The Kinks - "Tired Of Waiting For You")
(The Zombies - "She's Not There")
(The Zombies - "Tell Here No")
(Cat Stevens - "I Love My Dog")
(Petula Clark - "My Love")
(Petula Clark - "This Is My Song")
(The Love Affair - "Everlasting Love")
(John Kongos - "He's Gonna Step On You Again")
(John Kongos - "Tokoloshe Man")

That leaves Ten Enigmas in order of Enigma-ness.

|1a) "Ziggy Stardust"|
|1b) "Space Oddity"|
|2) "You Really Got Me" & Two Other Kinks's Hit Singles|
|3) Small Faces especially "Itchycoo Park"|
|4) Elvis|
|5) Donovan|
|6) Unknown Omissions|
|7) Carly Simon|
|8) Family|
|9) Chicken Shack, Nirvana, Pilot, The Smoke, Zombies|
|10) Newbeats|