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1965 (Frankie Vaughan still to be heard)

By 1965 the hits of most of the British "Cabaret" Groups had dried up.
(unless of course they had something special to offer)

Pop Music was getting more sophisticated.

The Rolling Stones released "Satisfaction" in August.

The Yardbirds had 3 Top Three Hit Singles.
(the first with Eric Clapton and the other two with Jeff Beck)

The Beatles released Albums "Help" and "Rubber Soul".
In this year BJS played on 41 Top Ten Records (including 7 Number Ones).

I wonder if BJS was having doubts at this time ?
(in the Recording Studio the occasions when he could be really creative would have been small)
(but he was still able to make mediocre material into good records and good material into hits)
(and the money was good)
(most Pop Stars were ripped off)

The Session Musicians did press the Musician's Union at the time
for more recognition for their work but with no success.
(which is unfortunate because the Session Musicians have had a hard time receiving royalties)

For more details please view BJS's Wikipedia page.
Date Entered UK Chart Artist Title UK Highest Chart Position Label Producer Guitar Rating Comments Did BJS play the lead ?
07/01/1965 Thursday Brian Poole Three Bells 17 Decca Mike Smith BJS or Jimmy Page ? Over dubbing. .
07/01/1965 Thursday Francoise Hardy Et Meme 31 Pye Knownman A highly under rated single. Wall of Sound ! .
07/01/1965 Thursday Seekers Iíll Never Find Another You 1 Columbia Tom Springfield Did Jim play the 12 string ? .
14/01/1965 Thursday Cilla Black Youíve Lost That Loviní Feeliní 2 Parlophone George Martin Oh Dear ! .
14/01/1965 Thursday Billy Fury Iím Lost Without You 16 Decca . Main guitar is the electric guitar. With Jimmy Page. .
21/01/1965 Thursday Kinks Tired Of Waiting For You 1 Pye Shel Talmy BJS is not on this record. NO
21/01/1965 Thursday Val Doonican The Special Years 7 Decca Roger Richards Lovely song. Nice harmonica. With Jimmy Page. .
04/02/1965 Thursday Wayne Fontana Game Of Love 2 Fontana Jack Baverstock Guitar dominated .
04/02/1965 Thursday Ivy League Funny How Love Can Be 8 Piccadilly John Schroeder Distinctive guitar. .
06/02/1965 Saturday Gerry And The Pacemakers Ferry Cross The Mersey 19 Columbia George Martin Some confusion on BJS's List. Could be the single. Album
11/02/1965 Thursday Zombies Tell Her No 42 Decca Knownman BJS in a radio interview with Michael Shelley said he was not on this record. .
11/02/1965 Thursday Ronnie Hilton A Windmill In Old Amsterdam 23 HMV Walter Ridley Bell, whistles and everything ! Dougie Wright on drums. .
11/02/1965 Thursday Tom Jones Itís Not Unusual 1 Decca Peter Sullivan Joe Moretti beat BJS to the Lead Guitar Chair. NO
13/02/1965 Saturday Cilla Black Cilla 5 Parlophone George Martin Album
18/02/1965 Thursday Hermans Hermits Silhouettes 3 Columbia Mickie Most Vic Flick played the lead guitar. NO
18/02/1965 Thursday Sandie Shaw Iíll Stop At Nothing 4 Pye Knownman Ker-chink .
18/02/1965 Thursday Marianne Faithfull Come And Stay With Me 4 Decca Knownman Nice interplay between guitar and harpichord. With Jimmy Page. Dougie Wright on drums. .
18/02/1965 Thursday Dusty Springfield Your Hurtiní Kind Of Love 37 Phillips Johnny Franz Ker-chink .
20/02/1965 Saturday Wayne Fontana Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders 18 Fontana Jack Baverstock Album
25/02/1965 Thursday Twinkle Golden Lights 21 Decca Knownman Guitar dominated .
25/02/1965 Thursday P.J. Proby I Apologise 11 Liberty Ron Richards Great vocal. A clone of Billy Eskstine. .
27/02/1965 Saturday P.J. Proby Iím P.J. Proby 16 Liberty . Album
04/03/1965 Thursday Kathy Kirby I Belong 36 Decca Peter Sullivan Eurovision .
06/03/1965 Saturday Sandie Shaw Sandie 3 Pye . Album
11/03/1965 Thursday Petula Clark I Know A Place 17 Pye Tony Hatch Dougie Wright on drums. .
11/03/1965 Thursday Frankie Vaughan Someone Must Have Hurt You A Lot 46 Phillips Johnny Franz
18/03/1965 Thursday Heinz Digginí My Potatoes 49 Columbia Joe Meek Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore were at the session .
25/03/1965 Thursday Matt Monro Without You 37 Parlophone Norman Newell Standard stuff. .
25/03/1965 Thursday Donovan Catch the Wind 4 Pye Knownman Donovan is the only guitarist present. BJS plays on the Greatest Hits version, 1969, vinyl only.CD has 1965 version, without BJS. NO
25/03/1965 Thursday Julie Rogers Hawaiian Wedding Song 31 Mercury Johnny Franz Julie and her Weddings ! .
25/03/1965 Thursday Francoise Hardy All Over The World 16 Pye Knownman Oui ! .
25/03/1965 Thursday Dave Berry Little Things 5 Decca Mike Smith Either Jimmy Page or BJS playing delightful lead guitar. Also done by Bobby Goldsboro. .
01/04/1965 Thursday Bachelors True Love For Ever More 34 Decca . # .
08/04/1965 Thursday Peter And Gordon True Love Ways 2 Columbia Norman Newell Excellent version of the Buddy Holly standard .
08/04/1965 Thursday Val Doonican Iím Gonna Get There Somehow 25 Decca Roger Richards With Jimmy Page. .
15/04/1965 Thursday Seekers A World Of Our Own 3 Columbia Tom Springfield Did Jim play the 12 string ? .
22/04/1965 Thursday Cilla Black Iíve Been Wrong Before 17 Parlophone George Martin # .
22/04/1965 Thursday Jackie Trent Where Are You Now 1 Pye Tony Hatch Pleasant. Dougie Wright on drums. .
22/04/1965 Thursday Freddie And The Dreamers A Little You 26 Columbia John Burgess # .
22/04/1965 Thursday Soul Brothers I Keep Ringing My Baby 42 Decca . Impressive Phone ! .
29/04/1965 Thursday Walker Brothers Love Her 20 Phillips Johnny Franz Guitar playing low notes throughout but is it BJS ? .
29/04/1965 Thursday Hermans Hermits Wonderful World 7 Columbia Mickie Most Lots of discussion on who played what elsewhere on the web. .
06/05/1965 Thursday Ivy League Thatís Why Iím Crying 22 Piccadilly John Schroeder Short guitar break .
06/05/1965 Thursday Tom Jones Once Upon A Time 32 Decca Peter Sullivan # .
06/05/1965 Thursday Marianne Faithfull This Little Bird 6 Decca Knownman Dominated by harp .
13/05/1965 Thursday Sandie Shaw Long Live Love 1 Pye Knownman Bits of this sound like -> Its Not Unusual. Dougie Wright on drums. .
13/05/1965 Thursday Rockin Berries Poor Manís Son 5 Piccadilly John Schroeder From Birmingham. Several guitars. .
20/05/1965 Thursday In Crowd Thatís How Strong My Love Is 48 Parlophone Mark Wirtz Amazing backing vocal .
20/05/1965 Thursday Billy J Kramer Trains And Boats And Planes 11 Parlophone George Martin Written by Bacharach .
20/05/1965 Thursday Bachelors Marie 9 Decca . Steady strumming .
22/05/1965 Saturday Burt Bacharach Hit Maker - Burt Bacharach 3 London . Album
27/05/1965 Thursday Birds Leaving Here 45 Decca . BJS duets with Ronnie Wood. .
03/06/1965 Thursday Donovan Colours 4 Pye Knownman Donovan is only guitarist present. BJS plays on the Greatest Hits version, 1969. NO
05/06/1965 Saturday Marianne Faithfull Come My Way 12 Decca Knownman Jim, Jimmy Page and Jon Mark share the honours on this folk album. Album
05/06/1965 Saturday Marianne Faithfull Marianne Faithfull 15 Decca Knownman Jim, Jimmy Page and Jon Mark share the honours. Album
05/06/1965 Saturday Donovan Whats Bin Did And Whats Bin Hid 3 Pye . Album
05/06/1965 Saturday Tom Jones Along Came Jones 11 Decca Peter Sullivan Album
17/06/1965 Thursday Peter Cook And Dudley Moore Goodbye-ee 18 Decca Mike Vernon # .
17/06/1965 Thursday Lulu Leave A Little Love 8 Decca Peter Sullivan With Jimmy Page. .
24/06/1965 Thursday Peter And Gordon To Know You Is To Love You 5 Columbia Norman Newell # .
24/06/1965 Thursday Ivy League Tossing And Turning 3 Piccadilly John Schroeder Carter and Lewis .
01/07/1965 Thursday Jackie Trent When The Summertime Is Over 39 Pye Tony Hatch Ker-chink .
01/07/1965 Thursday Charles Dickens Thatís The Way Love Goes 37 Pye . Pleasant .
01/07/1965 Thursday Dusty Springfield In The Middle Of Nowhere 8 Phillips Johnny Franz # .
03/07/1965 Saturday Seekers The Seekers 16 Decca . Album
03/07/1965 Saturday Seekers A World Of Our Own 5 Columbia . Album
08/07/1965 Thursday Tom Jones With These Hands 13 Decca Peter Sullivan # .
08/07/1965 Thursday P.J. Proby Let The Water Run Down 19 Liberty Ron Richards Frantic backing singers. Pretty dreadful. With Jimmy Page. .
08/07/1965 Thursday Fortunes Youíve Got Your Troubles 2 Decca Knownman Variety of guitars. Dougie Wright on drums. .
15/07/1965 Thursday Peter Cook The Ballad Of Spotty Muldoon 34 Decca Mike Vernon Bernard Braden ! .
22/07/1965 Thursday Brian Poole I Want Candy 25 Decca Mike Smith BJS or Jimmy Page ? Over dubbing. .
22/07/1965 Thursday Marianne Faithfull Summer Nights 10 Decca Knownman Harpsichord dominated .
22/07/1965 Thursday Dave Berry This Strange Effect 37 Decca Mike Smith Either Jimmy Page or BJS playing delightful lead guitar. Written by Ray Davies. .
22/07/1965 Thursday Billy Fury In Thoughts Of You 9 Decca Mike Leander Delightful guitar .
07/08/1965 Saturday Matt Monro I Have Dreamed 20 Parlophone Norman Newell Album
12/08/1965 Thursday Andy Stewart Dr Finlay 43 HMV . # .
12/08/1965 Thursday Petula Clark You Better Come Home 44 Pye Tony Hatch Good
12/08/1965 Thursday Tom Jones Whatís New Pussycat 11 Decca Peter Sullivan Vic Flick was also on this record. .
14/08/1965 Saturday Dave Clark Five Catch Us If You Can 8 Columbia Knownman Bobby Graham drums played on all of the DC5 hits. BJS's List may have referred to the Single. Album
19/08/1965 Thursday Frank Ifield Paradise 26 Columbia Norrie Paramor # .
19/08/1965 Thursday Walker Brothers Make It Easy On Yourself 1 Phillips Johnny Franz Vic Flick was also on this record. Dougie Wright on drums. .
26/08/1965 Thursday Rockin Berries Youre My Girl 40 Piccadilly Johnny Franz # .
02/09/1965 Thursday Ken Dodd Tears 1 Columbia Norman Newell Delightful guitar. Dougie Wright on drums. .
02/09/1965 Thursday Lulu Try To Understand 25 Decca Peter Sullivan # .
02/09/1965 Thursday Hermans Hermits Just A Little Bit Better 15 Columbia Mickie Most Lots of discussion on who played what elsewhere on the web. .
16/09/1965 Thursday Dusty Springfield Some Of Your Loviní 8 Phillips Johnny Franz # .
16/09/1965 Thursday Billy Fury Run To My Loving Arms 25 Decca . # .
16/09/1965 Thursday Manfred Mann If You Gotta Go Go Now 2 Fontana Knownman # .
23/09/1965 Thursday Sandie Shaw Message Understood 6 Pye Knownman Dougie Wright on drums. .
23/09/1965 Thursday Silkie Youíve Got To Hide Your Love Away 28 Fontana John & Paul Several guitars. .
30/09/1965 Thursday Hedgehoppers Anonymous It's Good News Week 5 Decca Jonathan King. Dougie Wright on drums. Not on the original BJS list. BJS's participation confirmed on the Web. YES
25/09/1965 Saturday Adam Faith Faith Alive 19 Parlophone . Album
30/09/1965 Thursday P.J. Proby That Means A Lot 30 Liberty Ron Richards Written by the Beatles. .
07/10/1965 Thursday Chris Andrews Yesterday Man 3 Decca Mike Smith With Jimmy Page. Dougie Wright on drums. .
07/10/1965 Thursday Four Pennies Until Its Time For You To Go 19 Phillips Johnny Franz Written by Buffy St Marie. .
07/10/1965 Thursday Fortunes Here It Comes Again 4 Decca Knownman Ker-chink. Dougie Wright on drums. .
09/10/1965 Saturday Bachelors More Great Song Hits From The Bachelors 15 Decca . Album
14/10/1965 Thursday Petula Clark Round Every Corner 43 Pye Tony Hatch # .
21/10/1965 Thursday Matt Monro Yesterday 8 Parlophone Norman Newell # .
21/10/1965 Thursday Peter And Gordon Baby Iím Yours 19 Columbia Norman Newell Average. .
23/10/1965 Saturday Dusty Springfield Everything Comes Up Dusty 6 Phillips . Album
28/10/1965 Thursday Lance Percival Shame And Scandal In The Family 37 Parlophone . Comedy Calipso .
28/10/1965 Thursday Seekers The Carnival Is Over 1 Columbia Tom Springfield Judith has a great voice. .
28/10/1965 Thursday Bachelors In The Chapel In The Moonlight 27 Decca . # .
04/11/1965 Thursday Marianne Faithfull Yesterday 36 Decca Knownman # .
04/11/1965 Thursday Freddie And The Dreamers Thou Shalt Not Steal 44 Columbia John Burgess # .
04/11/1965 Thursday Petula Clark Youíre The One 23 Pye Tony Hatch # .
06/11/1965 Saturday Donovan Fairy Tale 20 Pye . Album
11/11/1965 Thursday Donovan Turquoise 30 Pye Knownman I like this. .
11/11/1965 Thursday Millie Bloodshot Eyes 48 Fontana . Poor follow up to Lollipop .
11/11/1965 Thursday Paul And Barry Ryan Donít Bring Me Your Heartaches 13 Decca Les Reed Ker-chink .
18/11/1965 Thursday Sandie Shaw How Can You Tell 21 Pye Knownman # .
18/11/1965 Thursday Ken Dodd The River 3 Columbia Norman Newell Nice. .
25/11/1965 Thursday P.J. Proby Maria 8 Liberty . # .
02/12/1965 Thursday Walker Brothers My Ship Is Coming In 3 Phillips Johnny Franz Dougie Wright on drums. .
09/12/1965 Thursday Barry St John Come Away Melinda 47 Columbia Mike Hurst Anti war song written by Tim Rose .
18/12/1965 Saturday Walker Brothers Take It Easy 3 Phillips Johnny Franz Album
23/12/1965 Thursday Hermans Hermits A Must To Avoid 6 Columbia Mickie Most Lots of discussion on who played what elsewhere on the web. .
25/12/1965 Saturday Ken Dodd Tears Of Happiness 6 Columbia Norman Newell Album