UK Hit Singles and Albums (An incomplete listing of his hits - if you know of any others please email me at

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In 1964 the records released by the Beatles & The Rolling Stones were very unsophisticated.
(but the December release "I Feel Fine" by The Beatles did start with Feedback)

The Beatles famously did not use Session Musicians
but The Rolling Stones used BJS and Jimmy Page for Demos.

The Kinks had Jimmy Page on rhythm guitar and Bobby Graham on drums.
1964 was BJS's Year
(assisted by Jimmy Page)

BJS was impressed with Jimmy Page's guitar break on Dave Berry's January release "My Baby Left Me".
(this propelled the duo to dominate UK records for the next few years)

There was a combination of trickery and gizmos that was behind the guitar breaks in PJ Proby's first 2 hits - May's "Hold Me" and August's "Together".
(there's a bit of Feedback - something he learnt from Eric Clapton - allegedly)
(BJS also used a Fuzzbox he borrowed from Jimmy Page)
(this was before The Stones "Satisfaction")
(drummer Bobby Graham was brilliant on these records as well)

BJS produced some wonderful sounds on Dave Berry's August release "The Crying Game".
(he created Wah Wah Effects two years before the Wah Wah Pedal was created)

In this year BJS played on 6 Number One Records (45 Top Ten Hits).

For more details please view BJS's Wikipedia page.
Date Entered UK Chart Artist Title UK Highest Chart Position Label Producer Guitar Rating Comments Did BJS play the lead ?
02/01/1964 Thursday Billy Fury Do You Really Love Me Too 13 Decca . Nice short riff .
04/01/1964 Saturday Kathy Kirby 16 Hits From Stars And Garters 11 Decca Peter Sullivan Album
09/01/1964 Thursday Frank Ifield Dont Blame Me 8 Columbia Norrie Paramor B side is good as well .
09/01/1964 Thursday Dave Berry My Baby Left Me 37 Decca Mike Smith Jimmy Page takes centre stage. Curiously BJS says this is his first session with Jimmy. NO
09/01/1964 Thursday Dowlands All My Loving 33 Oriole . Nice variation on the George Harrison guitar break. .
16/01/1964 Thursday Four Pennies Do You Want Me To 47 Phillips Johnny Franz 1.41 ! .
16/01/1964 Thursday Tony Meehan Combo Song Of Mexico 39 Decca Knownman John McLaughlin was present. .
23/01/1964 Thursday Bachelors Diane 1 Decca Shel Talmy Solid guitar playing. .
23/01/1964 Thursday Helen Shapiro Fever 38 Columbia Norrie Paramor Great drumming. Bobby Graham ? .
30/01/1964 Thursday Brian Poole Candy Man 6 Decca Mike Smith The guitar dominates this record but is it BJS or Jimmy Page ? Over dubbing. .
30/01/1964 Thursday Eden Kane Boys Cry 8 Fontana Knownman Good guitar throughout. .
06/02/1964 Thursday Cilla Black Anyone Who Had A Heart 1 Parlophone George Martin Vic Flick was also on this record. .
06/02/1964 Thursday Ken Dodd Eight By Ten 22 Columbia Norman Newell Size of a photograph .
20/02/1964 Thursday Kathy Kirby Let Me Go Lover 10 Decca Peter Sullivan Guitar competes with brass and everything else. With Jimmy Page. .
20/02/1964 Thursday Freddie And The Dreamers Over You 13 Columbia John Burgess # .
20/02/1964 Thursday Dusty Springfield Stay Awhile 13 Phillips Johnny Franz Great triangle ! Never mind the triangle! This is one of those wild but tasty performances of session drummer Bobby Graham! .
20/02/1964 Thursday John Leyton Make Love To Me 49 HMV Joe Meek Great guitar break. .
27/02/1964 Thursday Joy Strings It's An Open Secret 32 Regal Zonophone . Hallelulah ! .
27/02/1964 Thursday Maureen Evans I Love How You Love Me 34 Oriole . Pleasant .
27/02/1964 Thursday Heinz You Were There 26 Decca Joe Meek Less frantic than usual .
05/03/1964 Thursday Applejacks Tell Me When 7 Decca Mike Smith Solihulls finest ! .
12/03/1964 Thursday Peter And Gordon A World Without Love 1 Columbia Norman Newell Vic Flick was also on this record playing the 12 string. .
19/03/1964 Thursday Bern Elliot And The Fenmen New Orleans 24 Decca Peter Sullivan A Gary U S Bonds classic. Alan Judge denies BJS's involvement. YES
19/03/1964 Thursday Bachelors I Believe 2 Decca Knownman A Frankie Laine classic .
26/03/1964 Thursday Mojos Everything’s Alright 9 Decca . Energetic piano and drums .
26/03/1964 Thursday Jimmy Young Unchained Melody 43 Columbia . Was this a re-recording ? .
28/03/1964 Saturday Frank Ifield Blue Skies 10 Columbia Norrie Paramor Album
02/04/1964 Thursday Four Pennies Juliet 1 Phillips Johnny Franz Guitar driven. .
18/04/1964 Saturday Dave Clark Five A Session With Dave Clark Five 3 Columbia . Album
23/04/1964 Thursday Frank Ifield Angry At The Big Oak Tree 25 Columbia Norrie Paramor # .
23/04/1964 Thursday Richard Anthony If I Loved You 18 Columbia . From Carousel .
25/04/1964 Saturday Dusty Springfield A Girl Called Dusty 6 Phillips . Album
30/04/1964 Thursday Ella Fitzgerald Can’t Buy Me Love 34 Verve Knownman # .
30/04/1964 Thursday Dave Berry Baby Its You 24 Decca Mike Smith With Jimmy Page. .
30/04/1964 Thursday Johnny Kidd Always And Ever 46 HMV Walter Ridley Was Jims overdub ever used ? .
30/04/1964 Thursday Billy Fury I Will 14 Decca . Variety of guitars. With Jimmy Page. .
07/05/1964 Thursday Dennisons Walkin The Dog 36 Decca . Dramatic drumming .
07/05/1964 Thursday Cilla Black Youre My World 1 Parlophone George Martin # .
07/05/1964 Thursday Kathy Kirby You’re The One 17 Decca Peter Sullivan # .
07/05/1964 Thursday Brian Poole Someone Someone 2 Decca Mike Smith Dominant guitar throughout the song. Over dubbing. .
14/05/1964 Thursday Lulu Shout 7 Decca Peter Sullivan Vic Flick and Jimmy Page were also on this record. .
14/05/1964 Thursday Freddie And The Dreamers I Love You Baby 16 Columbia John Burgess Confirmed by Freddie And The Dreamers web site .
21/05/1964 Thursday Burt Bacharach Trains And Boats And Planes 4 London Knownman Delightful guitar. .
28/05/1964 Thursday P.J. Proby Hold Me 3 Decca Jack Good One or two takes - a classic. Was Vic Flick on this record ? With Jimmy Page. YES
28/05/1964 Thursday Wayne Fontana Stop Look And Listen 37 Fontana Jack Baverstock Guitar dominated .
28/05/1964 Thursday Newbeats Bread And Butter 15 Hickory . Amazing voice. I'm surprised BJS played on the US record. .
30/05/1964 Saturday Searchers It’s The Searchers 4 Pye . Album
04/06/1964 Thursday Migil Five Near You 31 Pye . An Andrews Sisters song .
04/06/1964 Thursday Karl Denver Love Me With All Your Heart 37 Decca Jack Good A gimmick free record. .
04/06/1964 Thursday Bachelors Ramona 4 Decca Knownman Good vocal .
04/06/1964 Thursday Frankie Vaughan Hello Dolly 18 Phillips Johnny Franz # .
04/06/1964 Thursday Peter And Gordon Nobody I Know 10 Columbia Norman Newell Guitar dominates this song .
11/06/1964 Thursday Mojos Why Not Tonight 25 Decca . Frantic .
20/06/1964 Saturday Peter And Gordon Peter And Gordon 18 Columbia Norman Newell Album
25/06/1964 Thursday Francoise Hardy Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles 36 Pye Knownman Tres beau ! .
27/06/1964 Saturday Bachelors The Bachelors And 16 Great Songs 2 Decca . Album
02/07/1964 Thursday Dusty Springfield I Just Dont Know What To Do With Myself 3 Phillips Johnny Franz # .
09/07/1964 Thursday Merseybeats Wishin And Hopin 13 Fontana Jack Baverstock Interplay with organ .
09/07/1964 Thursday Nashville Teens Tobacco Road 6 Decca Mickey Most Not on the original BJS list. Jim and Jimmy Page probably played on other Nashville Teens records. .
16/07/1964 Thursday Freddie And The Dreamers Just For You 41 Columbia John Burgess # .
16/07/1964 Thursday Four Pennies I Found Out The Hard Way 14 Phillips Johnny Franz Average 60s song. .
23/07/1964 Thursday Ken Dodd Happiness 31 Columbia Norman Newell Upbeat. .
23/07/1964 Thursday Frank Ifield I Should Care 33 Columbia Norrie Paramor Great guitar solo .
23/07/1964 Thursday Billy Fury Its Only Make Believe 10 Decca . With Jimmy Page. .
23/07/1964 Thursday Billy J Kramer From A Window 10 Parlophone George Martin Short guitar break .
30/07/1964 Thursday Sounds Incorporated Spanish Harlem 35 Columbia . Is that a guitar ? .
06/08/1964 Thursday Dave Berry The Crying Game 5 Decca Mike Smith A classic but was Vic Flick on this record ? With Jimmy Page. Eric Ford played rhythm. YES
13/08/1964 Thursday Kinks You Really Got Me 1 Pye Shel Talmy Shel Talmy told me BJS is not on this record. NO
13/08/1964 Thursday Julie Rogers The Wedding 3 Mercury Johnny Franz Vic Flick was also on this record. Ave Maria. .
13/08/1964 Thursday Simon Scott Move It Baby 37 Parlophone . The usual brilliant BJS fare YES
13/08/1964 Thursday Zombies She’s Not There 12 Decca Knownman BJS in a radio interview with Michael Shelley said he was not on this record. .
13/08/1964 Thursday Marianne Faithfull As Tears Go By 9 Decca Knownman The first time Marianne heard this was a demo made by Jim and Mick Jagger YES
13/08/1964 Thursday Bachelors I Wouldnt Trade You For The World 4 Decca Shel Talmy Great harmonies .
20/08/1964 Thursday Hermans Hermits Im Into Something Good 1 Columbia Mickie Most Group members played on this. NO
20/08/1964 Thursday Brian Poole Twelve Steps To Love 32 Decca Mike Smith BJS or Jimmy Page ? Over dubbing. .
03/09/1964 Thursday P.J. Proby Together 8 Decca Charles Blackwell Stunning. With Jimmy Page and Bobby Graham. YES
10/09/1964 Thursday Mojos Seven Daffodils 30 Decca . Song associated with The Weavers. .
10/09/1964 Thursday Long And The Short The Letter 30 Decca . Terrible .
10/09/1964 Thursday Brenda Lee Is It True? 17 Decca . Not on the original BJS list. With Jimmy Page. B side is "What'd I Say". .
17/09/1964 Thursday Matt Monro Walk Away 4 Parlophone Norman Newell # .
17/09/1964 Thursday Denny Seyton The Way You Look Tonight 48 Mercury . Good rendition of this Standard. .
24/09/1964 Thursday Julie Grant Come To Me 31 Pye Tony Hatch Delightful .
01/10/1964 Thursday Rockin Berries I Didn't Mean To Hurt You 43 Piccadilly Johnny Schroeder High voices ! .
01/10/1964 Thursday Frank Ifield Summer Is Over 25 Columbia Norrie Paramor Great introduction. The B side is good as well - True Love Ways .
08/10/1964 Thursday Wayne Fontana Um Um Um Um Um Um 5 Fontana Jack Baverstock Dominant guitars .
15/10/1964 Thursday Val Doonican Walk Tall 3 Decca Roger Richards With Jimmy Page. Impressive harmonica. .
15/10/1964 Thursday Heinz Questions I Can't Answer 39 Columbia Joe Meek Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore were at the session .
15/10/1964 Thursday Rockin Berries He's In Town 3 Piccadilly Johnny Schroeder Similar to the Four Seasons. .
15/10/1964 Thursday Shirley Bassey Goldfinger 21 Columbia Norman Newell Bricusse/Newley. Famous horn. Vic Flick. .
17/10/1964 Saturday Georgie Fame Fame At Last 15 Decca . Album
22/10/1964 Thursday Nashville Teens Google Eye 10 Decca Mickey Most Not on the original BJS list. Jim and Jimmy Page probably played on other Nashville Teens records. .
22/10/1964 Thursday Dusty Springfield Losing You 9 Phillips Johnny Franz # .
22/10/1964 Thursday Tommy Quickly Wild Side Of Life 33 Pye Tony Hatch Status Quo ? Guitar sounds too weak for BJS. .
29/10/1964 Thursday Four Pennies Black Girl 20 Phillips Johnny Franz Folk classic. .
29/10/1964 Thursday Kinks All Day And All Of The Night 2 Pye Shel Talmy BJS is not on this record. NO
05/11/1964 Thursday Joe Loss March Of The Mods 31 HMV . # .
05/11/1964 Thursday Freddie And The Dreamers I Understand 5 Columbia John Burgess # .
12/11/1964 Thursday Lulu Here Comes The Night 50 Decca Peter Sullivan Ker-chink. Them got the bigger hit. .
12/11/1964 Thursday Petula Clark Downtown 2 Pye Tony Hatch Vic Flick and Jimmy Page were also on this record. .
19/11/1964 Thursday Hermans Hermits Show Me Girl 19 Columbia Mickie Most Group members played on this. NO
26/11/1964 Thursday Ken Dodd So Deep Is The Night 31 Columbia Norman Newell Chopin tune .
26/11/1964 Thursday Dave Berry One Heart Between Two 41 Decca Mike Smith With Jimmy Page. YES
26/11/1964 Thursday Twinkle Terry 4 Decca Knownman Jim strumming with Jimmy Page and Vic Flick. Dougie Wright on drums. .
26/11/1964 Thursday Adam Faith Message To Martha 12 Parlophone . Delightful keyboard .
26/11/1964 Thursday Mighty Avengers So Much In Love 46 Decca . The group did a lot of Rolling Stones numbers. .
03/12/1964 Thursday Bachelors No Arms Could Ever Hold You 7 Decca Knownman Steady strumming .
10/12/1964 Thursday P.J. Proby Somewhere 6 Liberty . West Side Story .
10/12/1964 Thursday Sandie Shaw Girl Don't Come 3 Pye Knownman Vic Flick was also on this record. Dougie Wright on drums. .
10/12/1964 Thursday Julie Rogers Like A Child 21 Mercury Johnny Franz # .
17/12/1964 Thursday Georgie Fame Yeh Yeh 1 Columbia Knownman Sax dominated. .
17/12/1964 Thursday Joy Strings A Starry Night 35 Regal Zonophone . Pleasant .
24/12/1964 Thursday Long And The Short Choc Ice 49 Decca . Lively ! .
24/12/1964 Thursday Lancastrians We’ll Sing In The Sunshine 47 Pye . Delightful guitar .
24/12/1964 Thursday Matt Monro For Mama 36 Parlophone Norman Newell Did BJS play the delightful guitar ? .