Big Jim Sullivan

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BJS was present at the Top Ten Greatest UK Rock Music Moments

1) 1959 (Rock'n'Roll) BJS was in the studios of "Oh Boy" in the UK.
He was Marty Wilde's guitarist - Marty was the premier UK Rock'n'Roller at the time.

2) 1960 (Rock'n'Roll) BJS was on the fateful Gene Vincent/Eddie Cochran UK tour.

3) 1960-1964 (Joe Meek) Joe Meek used BJS.

4) 1963-1964 (R'n'B) BJS played on the seminal albums "R&B At The Marquee" and Georgie Fame's "Rhythm And Blues At The Flamingo".
He also played on Rolling Stones demos.

5) 1964-1966 (British Beat) BJS was prominant on most of the British Beat singles.
He also was the resident guitarist on "Ready Steady Go", "Thank Your Lucky Stars", "Top Of The Pops" and "Saturday Club".

6) 1964-1969 (Beatles) BJS was on lots of Beatles' covers and played sitar with George Harrison who curiously referred to Jim as his favourite session guitarist.

7) 1967-1969 (Underground) BJS was often asked to play on the Underground records. He turned down the opportunity to join Led Zeppelin.

8) 1969-1974 (Tom Jones) BJS was Tom Jones's guitarist - Tom was the top singer at the time.
BJS could have easily become Elvis's guitarist.

9) 1969-1974 (Glam Rock) BJS arranged and played on Dave Dee and Alvin Stardust records.
He also played on early Sweet, Marc Bolan, Suzi Quatro and possibly Slade (N'Betweens) records.

10) (Innovation) BJS, together Ritchie Blackmore and Pete Townshend, persuaded Jim Marshall to make amplifiers.
Wah Wah Pedal - Fuzzbox - Bending Strings - Sampling - Talk Box - Twelve String - Country Rock -> BJS would have been an innovator.