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The UK at this time was dominated by American acts.

Classic UK Rock Record :-
Shakin' All Over - Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
Being a member of Marty Wilde's Band was not a full time job and so with the help of
Jack Good, producer of the TV Program "Oh Boy", BJS started session work.
This was an excellent move because BJS was uncomfortable with Show Business.
(he was far more comfortable being a Musician)
(but apart from his time with Joe Meek he had little scope to be inventive)
(for sometime he was a Journeyman learning his craft)

BJS was in Eddie Cochran's Band on the fateful tour that ended Eddie's life in April.

He would have bumped into 2is Coffee Club friends
Clem Cattini, Chas Hodges and Ritchie Blackmore at Joe Meek's Holloway Road Studio.

For more details please view BJS's Wikipedia page.
Date Entered UK Chart Artist Title UK Highest Chart Position Label Producer Guitar Rating Comments Did BJS play the lead ?
08/01/1960 Friday Jerry Lordan Ill Stay Single 26 Parlophone Ron Richards Jerry wrote Apache and Atlantis .
15/01/1960 Friday Little Tony Too Good 19 Decca Jack Good Delightful guitar .
19/02/1960 Friday Lance Fortune Be Mine 4 Pye Joe Meek Frantic plucking. .
26/02/1960 Friday Jerry Lordan Who Could Be Bluer 17 Parlophone Ron Richards Did Jim play the main guitar or is he in the background ? .
10/03/1960 Thursday Marty Wilde Johnny Rocco 30 Phillips Johnny Franz # .
10/03/1960 Thursday Billy Fury Colette 9 Decca Knownman With Joe Brown. .
05/05/1960 Thursday Lance Fortune This Love I Have For You 26 Pye Joe Meek Frantic violin playing .
19/05/1960 Thursday Flee-Rekkers Green Jeans 23 RGM Joe Meek Based on Greensleeves. Tex Cameron was in prison so BJS stepped in. YES
19/05/1960 Thursday Marty Wilde The Fight 47 Phillips Johnny Franz # .
26/05/1960 Thursday Tommy Bruce Ainít Misbehavin 3 Columbia Knownman Early Rockney .
26/05/1960 Thursday Billy Fury Thatís Love 19 Decca Knownman Dramatic piano .
02/06/1960 Thursday Jerry Lordan Sing Like An Angel 36 Parlophone Ron Richards Solid strumming .
04/06/1960 Saturday Billy Fury The Sound Of Fury 18 Decca . Album
30/06/1960 Thursday Adam Faith When Johnny Comes Marching Home 5 Parlophone John Burgess Nice flute and horn. Dougie Wright on drums. .
07/07/1960 Thursday Gary Mills Look For A Star 7 Top Rank Bunny Lewis Average .
25/08/1960 Thursday Nelson Keene Image Of A Girl 37 HMV . Mark Wynter had the bigger hit. .
08/09/1960 Thursday Tommy Bruce Broken Doll 36 Columbia Knownman Rubbish .
15/09/1960 Thursday Adam Faith How About That 4 Parlophone John Burgess Strings. Dougie Wright on drums. .
22/09/1960 Thursday Billy Fury Wondrous Place 25 Decca Knownman Toyota Yaris TV Commercial .
06/10/1960 Thursday Johnny Kidd Restless 22 HMV Walter Ridley BJS's contribution is disputed. .
13/10/1960 Thursday Manuel And His Music Of The Mountains Never On A Sunday 29 Columbia . Famous Film .
20/10/1960 Thursday Gary Mills Top Teen Baby 24 Top Rank Bunny Lewis Dated .
20/10/1960 Thursday Lyn Cornell Never On A Sunday 30 Decca . Lyn was a Vernon Girl who became a Pearl in the 1970s. .
27/10/1960 Thursday Frankie Vaughan Milord 34 Phillips Johnny Franz # .
10/11/1960 Thursday Peter Sellers And Sophia Loren Goodness Gracious Me 4 Parlophone George Martin George produced lots of comedy records before he met "The Boys". .
17/11/1960 Thursday Adam Faith Lonely Pup 4 Parlophone John Burgess Bells and strings. Dougie Wright on drums. .
03/12/1960 Saturday Peter Sellers And Sophia Loren Peter And Sophia 5 Parlophone George Martin Album
22/12/1960 Thursday Marty Wilde Little Girl 16 Phillips Johnny Franz Energetic guitar playing. .
22/12/1960 Thursday Mike Preston Togetherness 41 Decca . Dramatic violins. .