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| Enigma |

"You Really Got Me" was recorded at IBC Studio in July 1964.

It was produced by Shel Talmy and engineered by Glyn Johns.
(there had been a longer, slower version recorded earlier)

The record that was released had Dave Davies on lead guitar, Bobby Graham on drums and Arthur Greenslade on piano and there has been a lot of debate who else played.

Jimmy Page was apparently laughing at Dave's guitar break in the recording booth according to Ray Davies.

So Jimmy was probably there for insurance purposes and I'm not sure whether BJS was even present.
(Ray Davies has often said they was a rhythm guitarist present)
(someone called Al from his Publishing Company)

Both Jim's played "You Really Got Me" on Larry Page's (Kinks's manager) album "Kinky Music".
(and of course on the Embassy (Woolworth) and other Budget Labels)

Shel Talmy used BJS extensively when he first came to
England (e.g. The Bachelors) but he favoured Jimmy Page later (e.g. The Who).
(he recently emailed me to say BJS had played no part)

Similar stories with the other 2 Kinks's Records.

Why did BJS say he played on the three records ?
(that's the Enigma)

Who might know ?

(Glyn Johns, Jimmy Page)

Who has commented ?

(Shel Talmy, Ray Davies)