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| Enigma |

The existing members of the Small Faces have said BJS was not on their records but please note the following :-

Pipeline Instrumental Review Number 22 Spring 1994 - p21 "Many a Small Faces single is graced with the Sullivan touch - that 12-string on "Itchycoo Park" is Big Jim for example".
Mo Foster "Seventeen Watts ?" Sanctuary Music Library - p248 "It was, in fact, Jim who played the choked-chord acoustic intro on The Small Faces"s "Itchycoo Park"".

The track "Itchycoo Park" used extensive phasing or flanging which was developed by Olympic Studio's engineer, George Chkiantz and Glyn Johns introduced it to the Band.
The track was recorded at Olympic Studios, London.
(Olympic was a very creative place and most of the creativity would have come from the technicians - not from the members of the group)
(BJS would have been part of any creative process)

In addition to this Jim has said the Small Faces weren't good musicians but they were better than most - surely pointing to the fact Jim must have been at the recordings.

In the latter part of their career The Small Faces recorded with Immediate.
(Immediate were cavalier with their material)
(they often took uncompleted tracks from the Band)
(finished them and released them)
(BJS who worked extensively with Immediate would have been part of that process)
(he almost certainly worked on "The Universal")

'Tis a bit of an Enigma !

BJS and The Small Faces played on Billy Nicholls Album "Would You Believe" in 1968.

Who might know ?

(George Chkiantz, Glyn Johns, Jimmy Page)

Who has commented ?

(Existing Members of the Band)