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| Enigma |

What contribution did BJS make on these Classic Records ?

Chicken Shack
"I'd Rather Go Blind"
"Tears In The Wind"

(Stan Webb on guitar)
(Christine McVie on keyboards)
(Mike Vernon was the Producer)

"Rainbow Chaser"

(Session Musicians were used extensively)
(not much of an Enigma)


(Formed by early Bay City Rollers)

(David Paton and Ian Bairnson were the guitarists)
(Alan Parsons was the Producer)

The Smoke
"My Friend Jack"

(Columbia Records)

"She's Not There"
"Tell Her No"

(BJS said he was not on Zombie records in a radio interview)
(Rod Argent on keyboards)

Who might know ?

(Chicken Shack - Stan Webb)
(Chicken Shack - Mike Vernon)
(Pilot - David Paton)
(Pilot - Ian Bairnson)
(Pilot - Alan Parsons)
(Zombies - Rod Argent)