Chronological (The Anderson Family)

Name Event Year Relation Notes
Leah Lavinia Randall (Anderson) Birth 1869 Grandmother Fen Drayton, Cambridgeshire
James Anderson Senior Birth 1872 Grandfather Glasgow
Alexander Rutherford Birth 1882 Uncle Lambeth
James Anderson Senior Joined The Scots Guards 1894 Grandfather
Lavinia Sarah Randall Birth 1896 Auntie Queen Charlotte Hospital, Westminster
James Anderson Senior & Leah Lavinia Randall (Anderson) Marriage 1898 Grandparents Chelsea
George Whybrow Birth 1899 Uncle Over, Cambridgeshire
Jeannie MacGregor Anderson (Whybrow - Rutherford - Colgate) Birth 1899 Auntie Chelsea
David MacGregor Anderson Birth 1900 Uncle (died in infancy) Caterham
Christina MacGregor Anderson Birth 1902 Auntie (died in infancy) Caterham
Gladys MacGregor Anderson Birth 1902 Auntie (died in infancy) Caterham
Muriel MacGregor Anderson (Coates - Todd) Birth 1903 Auntie Caterham
Ronald George W Todd Birth 1903 Uncle Lambeth
James MacGregor Anderson Birth 1905 Dad Caterham
John (Jack) Leonard Langley Birth 1906 Uncle North Leyton, West Ham
Agnes MacGregor Anderson (Langley - Bristow) Birth 1908 Auntie Caterham
Norman Barclay Coates Birth 1908 Uncle Hull
Joseph Colquhoun MacGregor Anderson Birth 1910 Uncle Caterham
Jeannie MacGregor Anderson (Whybrow - Rutherford - Colgate) married George Whybrow Marriage 1918 Auntie & Uncle St Ives, Cambridgeshire
James Anderson Senior Discharged from The Scots Guards 1918 Grandfather
Elizabeth Georgina McKain Wallace (Anderson) Birth 1918Mother Coaltown of Balgonie, Fife
Peter George Bristow Birth 1920 Uncle Sydenham
Ken George Whybrow Birth 1920 Cousin St Ives, Cambridgeshire
John Coates Birth 1927 Cousin Exeter
Jean Coates (Couch) Birth 1927 Cousin Exeter
Harold G Colgate Birth 1929 Uncle Dover
Lavinia Sarah Randall Death 1929 Auntie Over, Cambridgeshire
Ella Annie Mitchell (Jarvis - Anderson - Evans) Birth 1930 Stepmother London
Agnes MacGregor Anderson (Langley - Bristow) & John (Jack) Leonard Langley Marriage 1932 Auntie & Uncle Caterham
Muriel MacGregor Anderson (Coates) & Norman Barclay Coates Marriage 1933 Auntie & Uncle Caterham
Anita Langley Birth 1933 Cousin Caterham
Anita Langley Death 1933 Cousin Caterham
Peter George Coates Birth 1934 Cousin Caterham
Derek Langley Birth 1935 Cousin Reigate
George Whybrow Death 1936 Uncle London (horse riding accident)
James MacGregor Anderson & Elizabeth Georgina McKain Wallace (Anderson) Marriage 1937 Parents RAF Halton, Aylesbury
James William Anderson Birth 1938 Brother Aylesbury
Robert Langley Birth 1939 Cousin Redhills, Surrey
John MacGregor Anderson Birth 1939 Brother Much Wenlock, Shropshire
David Charles Anderson Birth 1941 Brother Coaltown of Balgonie, Fife
Norman Barclay Coates Death 1944 Uncle Exeter
Leah Lavinia Randall (Anderson) Death 1946 Grandmother Exeter
Alan Randall Anderson Birth 1948 Me Camberwell
Muriel MacGregor Anderson (Coates - Todd) & Ronald George W Todd Marriage 1949 Auntie & Uncle Camberwell
Jeannie MacGregor Anderson (Whybrow - Rutherford - Colgate) married Alexander Rutherford Marriage 1951 Auntie & Uncle Camberwell
Agnes MacGregor Anderson (Langley - Bristow) & Peter George Bristow Marriage 1958 Auntie & Uncle Croydon
James MacGregor Anderson & Ella Annie Mitchell (Jarvis - Anderson - Evans) Marriage 1960 Dad & Stepmother Guernsey
Paul Anderson Birth 1961 Halfbrother Guernsey
Alexander Rutherford Death 1961 Uncle Unknown
James MacGregor Anderson Death 1970 Dad Guernsey
John (Jack) Leonard Langley Death 1971 Uncle Redhills, Surrey
Ronald George W Todd Death 1974 Uncle Hammersmith
Jeannie MacGregor Anderson (Whybrow - Rutherford - Colgate) married Harold G Colgate Marriage 1975 Auntie & Uncle Dover
Peter George Bristow Death 1975 Uncle Ashfield, Kent
Elizabeth Georgina McKain Wallace (Anderson) Death 1986 Mum Hove, East Sussex
Muriel MacGregor Anderson (Coates - Todd) Death 1988 Auntie Wantage, Oxfordshire
Agnes MacGregor Anderson (Langley - Bristow) Death 1996 Auntie Swindon
Jeannie MacGregor Anderson (Whybrow - Rutherford - Colgate) Death 2001 Auntie Cambridge
Harold G Colgate Death 2003 Uncle London
Peter George Coates Death 2005 Uncle Unknown
Ella Annie Mitchell (Jarvis - Anderson - Evans) Death 2006 Stepmother Peterborough Hospital
John Coates Death 2014 Cousin Wantage, Oxfordshire
James William Anderson Death 2019 Brother Aylesbury
Kenneth George Whybrow Death 2021 Cousin Cambridge

Six survivors