Checked 04 January 2021

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Auntie Muriel

1946 .....

Muriel MacGregor was born on 10 December 1903 in Caterham

Census 1911
The Guards Depot Caterham, Surrey
(Leah & James Senior (Private Scots Guards) - Jeannie, Muriel, James, Agnes, Joseph)

Electoral Register 1931
52 Heath Road, Caterham, Surrey
(Leah & James Senior - Muriel, James, Agnes)

Muriel married Norman Barclay Coates on 12 April 1933 in Caterham
(Muriel gave 52, Heath Road in Caterham as her address on the wedding certificate)
They had three children - twins John & Jean and Peter George

In the 1936-37-38 Registers, Muriel and Norman
were living at 29 Heathfield Square in Wandsworth

In the 1939 Register, Muriel, Norman and Peter
were living at 13 Highcross Road in Exeter

Latterly Muriel & Norman lived at 19 Pennsylvania Road in Exeter

(Norman was born on 31 August 1908 and he died on 31 March 1944)
(he was born in Hull and worked as a Soldier, Prison Officer
and at one time worked at the Tower Of London)

Muriel married Ronald George W Todd in 1949 in Camberwell
(they didn't have any children)

(Ronald was born on 20 March 1903 in Lambeth)
(in the 1930 Register, Ronald's family
was living at 91 Grove Lane in Camberwell in 1930)
(he died in 1974 in Hammersmith)

Ronald's brother, Leslie John, was a cricketer who has his own Wikipedia entry

Muriel died on 25 March 1988 (aged 84) at 8 Vale Avenue, Grove, Wantage, Oxfordshire
(a beneficiary in Muriel's will was Ann Pinfield who was living in USA)

The Children

John John
..... 1946
..... 1946

John was born in Exeter on 15 August 1927 with his twin sister Jean
(he married May Lilian in 1951)
(they moved to Wantage in 1964)
(John worked at Richard Todd Farms)
(they had 3 children - Judith in 1956, Sally in 1960, Mary in 1969)
(John ran a couple of restaurants and was a Wantage Councillor)
(latterly John was involved in organising Sports for disabled people)
(John died on 13 May 2014)
(he had five grandchildren and four great grandchildren)

Jean married Robin Couch in Edmonton in 1947
In the same year Robin was living in the same house as my mother in Camberwell Grove

For several years after that Robin, Jean, Ivy, Richard and up to another 2 members
of the Couch family were living at
21 Craven Park Road in Stamford Hill

Between 2004-10, Jean & Robin were living in sheltered accommodation
The address was 4 Salters Gardens in Watford

Peter was born on 26 April 1934 (probably Caterham) and he died in 2005
He married in Camberwell in 1960