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The Anderson (Victorian) Family
The Randall (Victorian) Family
My Grandparents (on my Dad's side)
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Other Photographs

Agnes Macgregor Anderson
Agnes Macgregor Langley
Agnes Macgregor Bristow
Alexander Rutherford
Alexander G Rutherford
Alan Randall Anderson
Elizabeth Georgina McKain Anderson
Elizabeth Georgina McKain Wallace
David Charles Anderson
Harold Colgate
Harold G Colgate
James Macgregor Anderson
Jeannie Macgregor Anderson Jeannie Macgregor Whybrow
Jeanie Macgregor Anderson Jeanie Macgregor Whybrow
Jeannie Macgregor Rutherford Jeanie Macgregor Rutherford
Jeannie Macgregor Colgate Jeanie Macgregor Colgate
Leah Lavinia Anderson
Leah Lavinia Randall
Leah Lavinea Anderson
Leah Lavinea Randall
Murial Margaret Anderson
Murial Margaret Coates
Murial Margaret Todd
Norman Bowes Coates
Peter George Bristow
Ronald George Todd
Ronald George W Todd