Big Jim Sullivan
Going Underground

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Eight tracks from my collection Best Songs
(definitely BJS playing lead guitar)

(not certain BJS playing on the record)

Not only was BJS held in high esteem in the "Middle Of The Road" market he was in high demand for the "Off Roaders".

Although BJS had The Kinks first three hit singles on his list he probably paid no part in the recordings.
(there were about a dozen genuine mistakes on the list)
If BJS has played lead guitar on them he would now be a "Legendary Rock God" !
Track 1 is a snippet of "You Really Got Me".
If Only !

Track 2 is BJS and Ronnie Wood doing a duet on "Leaving Here" (1965) by The Birds.

1967 was the "Summer of Love" and BJS played on Smoke's "My Friend Jack".

Next is Warm Sounds and "Nite Is A Comin'" with an adventure into Psychedelia.
BJS and veteran drummer Ronnie Verrell answer the call.
Ronnie later became the Muppet's Animal.

One hit wonders Nirvana produced a classic with BJS's help with "Rainbow Chaser" (1968).

Next are the best live group in the late 1960s - Family.
BJS said he did some arrangements for them.
(it remains an unknown if he played guitar or sitar)
Track 5 is the classic "Weaver's Answer" (1969).
Producer was Glyn Johns who became Led Zeppein's producer.

Stan Webb's Chicken Shack had a minor hit with "I'd Rather Go Blind" (1969).
Christine Perfect (McVie) on vocal.
Produced by Mike Vernon.

When the Walker Brothers morphed into gloomy people they asked BJS to play frantic guitar on "Shutout" (1975).
He obliged.

I don't own the copyright to the MP3s. I will remove any of them if the copyright owner objects.

Kinks - "You Really Got Me" MP3
The Birds - "Leaving Here" MP3
Smoke - "My Friend Jack" MP3
Warm Sounds - "Nite Is A Comin'" MP3
Nirvana - "Rainbow Chaser" MP3
Family - "A Weaver's Answer" MP3
Chicken Shack - "I'd Rather Go Blind" MP3
Walkers Brothers - "Shutout" MP3

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